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LGBTQ+ Youth Art Showcase

Step into a world of vibrant expression and diverse perspectives at Yakima Pride’s LGBTQ+ Youth Art Showcase! Celebrating the creativity and courage of young artists aged 10-20, this exhibition is a safe space for self-expression and empowerment. From paintings to poetry, sculptures to songs, each piece celebrates the kaleidoscope of identities within Yakima’s LGBTQ+ community. Join us at the 2024 Yakima Pride Festival and Parade, in fostering inclusivity, understanding, and pride through the universal language of art. 

Date & time: Saturday, June 8th, 2024 || 10AM - 6PM

Location: State Fair Park || 1301 S. Fair Ave, Yakima, WA 98901

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Coordinator: Desi Quenzer


All Arts Forms Accepted 

Youth Art Show Applications Now Open Until May 15th, 2024!

LGBTQ+ Adult Art Showcase

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