Yakima Pride Board Of Directors


The governing body of Yakima Pride, comprised of individuals from across the Yakima Valley, is a dedicated and diverse group of community leaders who volunteer their time and professional expertise to ensure the organization's mission and vision are carried out effectively. They play a crucial role in setting the direction for Yakima Pride, managing finances, coordinating volunteers, making policies, and championing the cause for a more inclusive and accepting community. Through their diverse perspectives and commitment to good governance, the board members sustain Yakima Pride's vision and ensure it continues to serve the LGBTQ+ community for years to come with their expertise and unwavering commitment.

Executive Board

Image of Joshua Hastings

Joshua Hastings

President, Director of External Affairs

(he/him/his) - Joshua Hastings is an accomplished information technology professional with a successful history. He is originally from Yakima, WA, and grew up in Wapato on the Yakama Reservation. Joshua began his career in high school by working in the Computer Science department at Heritage College in Toppenish, WA. He has gained extensive experience in the industry, including training at Microsoft and working with well-known automotive technology companies such as Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader.com. Joshua was also instrumental in the development of Best Buy's "Geek Squad" in Phoenix, AZ. Additionally, he has a strong passion for graphic design and integrated digital marketing, which have proven to be invaluable skills in his profession.

Aside from his IT career, Joshua is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and has made significant contributions to the cause. For over 10 years, he founded and successfully managed Arizona's largest LGBTQ+ movie social group, The Phoenix Movie Bears. In 2019, Joshua became the founding Vice President of Yakima Pride, where he continues to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation. With a strong sense of family values, Joshua made the decision to return to Yakima in 2017 with his fiancé to create lasting memories with loved ones.

Image of Kaimu Peneku

Kaimu Peneku

Secretary, Entertainment & Stage Manager


Image of Jacob Butler

Jacob Butler


(they/them) - Hi, I'm Jacob and Lexxie! - Jacob is non-binary, pansexual, and a Gemini. They are a 30-something and loving every moment of it. Miss Lexxie is their alter ego, and she can be quite the southern belle. You know that saying "jack of all trades"? Well, Jacob truly embodies it. Their interests and hobbies are as varied as one person can get. Jacob loves shopping and Broadway just as much as they love cars and camping. Jacob has a proclivity for all things design, be it fashion or interiors, and loves staying on the edge of it. Jacob's dogs are their kids, and they would be lost without them. When Jacob is not working or out with friends, they are most definitely snuggling with their dogs. Jacob has a huge love of family (natural and chosen).

Professionally, Jacob is the marketing director of Valley Mall and loves creating magic. They are responsible for events, holidays, decor, PR, advertising, etc. Jacob has been a makeup artist for almost 10 years now. They have proudly worked in editorial, theatre, bridal, drag, and so much more. Their work has been featured in multiple publications, including cover shoots for lifestyle and bridal magazines. Jacob is passionate about the artistry behind makeup and enhancing the beauty of the person wearing it.

Yakima PRIDE has a very special place in Jacob's heart. As a native to Yakima, they remember growing up and feeling different but not having any real community to figure out what it was. Jacob knew they were attracted to all people, but representation in an agricultural community wasn't exactly there. Having been out for over a decade and growing to love all the things that make Jacob tick, it's their turn to stand up and advocate for the kids who are feeling the way they did but actually give them a voice and representation, so they know there is nothing wrong with being exactly who they are.

Much love! 

- Jacob 

Directors At Large

Image of Holly Dixon-Almond

Holly Noelle Dixon-Almond

Director At Large, Outreach

(she/her/hers) - A local musician and former lead singer of Doll Steaks, Holly was born and raised in Yakima, Washington. With contagious laughter and pragmatic optimism, this woman leads with a fierce can-do energy! Anything is possible in this valley! She believes in a strong sense of the community, and the DIY mentality she learned during her years in the local punk music scene transfers over into her work with pride. Helping to promote all local events and music while managing the local Hot Topic has energized her to become an eager learner in Yakima Pride and Marion Drain productions! As an A.C Davis high school graduate, Holly understands the importance of diversity! She firmly believes that our city's youth is an integral part of our community and strives to ensure safe, fun, and inclusive spaces for everyone! Her biggest inspirations are her family, little sister Harper, bonus kid Kaya, daughter Emma, and son Milo! They give her so much joy; she is excited to spread that joy in the community!

Image of Don Beddoe

Don Beddoe

Director At Large, Marketing

(he/him/his) - Don was born and raised in Union Gap, WA. He served on the Union Gap Youth Council from 2008-2012 and ran for Union Gap City Council in 2013. Learning from his parents' arts and craft passions,  Don attended Central Washington University, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. He also was a caregiver for both his parents until their passing in 2020 and 2022. On June 29, 2020, Don married his husband, Gabriel. His profession, Don is a pre-press technician and graphic designer for Abbott’s Printing Inc. of Yakima.

Don is passionate about creating digital art, experimenting with recipes, reading anything from Alice Oseman, and annoying his husband with his lack of video game skills.

Don volunteered with Yakima Pride to grow our community and to show that everyone is welcome in our valley. 

Image of Beth Parker

Beth Parker

Director At Large, Volunteer Coordinator

(she/her/hers) - Beth was immediately drawn to Yakima Pride after attending her first volunteer training meeting in 2021. Having prior experience in volunteer work, specifically with Relay for Life Leadership for over 12 years, she was eager to contribute more to the LGBTQ+ community in Yakima.

For Beth, Yakima Pride represents a celebration of community and culture, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, promoting healthcare equity, and fighting against discrimination. As a Seattle transplant for the past 20 years, she appreciates the slower pace of Yakima and the shorter commute time from work to home. Beth was fortunate to grow up in a household where prejudice was not tolerated, and believes that everyone should be treated equally.

Beth was disheartened when she learned that many LGBTQ+ youth at her child's school, IKE, were misunderstood by their families or ridiculed by classmates, and could not be their authentic selves. She did her best to support her child and the other students in that environment, but joining forces with Yakima Pride has given her a broader platform to advocate for change, educate others, and create a safer environment for the LGBTQ+ community in Yakima.

Although Beth was initially hesitant to express her true self within the community, she has become more comfortable over time, leading to a happier and healthier life. Despite her cultural differences not being outwardly obvious, she has faced questions such as "You don't look Jewish. What does that mean?" and "You don't look queer. What does THAT mean?" In response, she confidently says, "I look like me. I act like me. And every day I strive to be a better version of me… as we all should!"

When not participating in Yakima Pride activities, Beth can be found at her day job, connecting cancer patients to clinical trials, volunteering with Warehouse Theatre Company, spending time with her dog Katie and her family, or planning her next Disney trip with her child. And as a lifelong theatre junkie she’s often singing show tunes under her breath or quoting lines from favorite shows (and she always wears a bit of pink on Wednesdays).

Committee Volunteers

Community volunteers donating their time, energy, and expertise to Yakima Prides various committees to support annual programming and outreach.

CJ Schuster



Image of Desi Quenzer

Desi Quenzer

Youth Volunteer, Communications

(she/her/hers) - Desi Quenzer was born in New York in 2006 and has lived in Yakima most of her life. She is a high school student and is currently working towards her AA through YVCC. Desi has experience in leadership roles and is very active in extra curricular activities and  loves volunteering. She has a passion for theatre arts, animals, and learning. Desi spends most of her time stage managing for theater productions and plans to go to college for business and theater, in hopes of one day managing a theater. When she’s not at the theater, she’s in the heart of Yakima Valley showing cows for FFA. Desi is a proud advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights, disability rights, and animal rights. She hopes to represent Yakima’s LGBTQIA+ youth through Yakima Pride.

Image of Gabriel Beddoe

Gabriel Beddoe


(he/him/his) - Gabriel Beddoe was born in Yakima, and moved back after living in Oregon for three years. He grew up with Autism and ADHD and had a hard time talking to people. Now, he talks to people whenever he can, and tries to hang out with friends. He is an avid enthusiast of video games, and watching YouTube. He has a trained show dog named Nimbus, and a cuddly cat named Bella. He wanted to volunteer for Yakima Pride to get more involved with the community and help in any way he can to make Yakima Pride bigger.

Advisory Council

Consisting of past leaders and emeritus.

Image of Kyle Curtis

Kyle Curtis

Past Treasurer & Founding Member

(he/him/his) - Kyle Curtis grew up in White Swan, WA on the Yakama Indian Reservation. He later graduated from The University of Washington with a degree in Finance and American Indian Studies. Upon completing his education in Seattle, he spent three more years working for Liberty Mutual Insurance, located in Downtown Seattle, where he helped kick-off an employee resource group called Pride@Liberty.

Kyle always knew he wanted to return home to the Yakima Valley and did so in 2017. He continues to be engaged with the community and is a member of the Yakima Downtown Rotary Club. Kyle believes the Yakima Valley is a diverse place, with many different walks of life, and Yakima Pride helps to bring the community together. In Kyle’s free time, he enjoys traveling, drinks with friends, and playing with his miniature dachshund, Pickles.

Image of Cristina Ortega

Cristina Ortega

Past President & Founding Member

(she/her/hers) - As a grassroots movement-builder based in central Washington, Cristina's work encompasses several projects such as U.S. Census, advocating for immigrant and farmworker issues and rights, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, and committed to working for LGBTQ+ equity. She is an experienced philanthropist and grant writer to fund various community-driven programs. Cristina remains an advocate for the most vulnerable and pulls her community up when most needed. #LaLuchaSigue

Former Team Members

Jake Crawford

Social Media Specialist

(He, him - Unless in Drag) 

Jojo Babcock

Social Media Specialist

(Name, Any Pronouns) 

Curtis Bartlett

Social Media Strategist