Festival Vendor & Exhibitor

The Yakima Pride Festival is host to a variety of local organizations and businesses eager to show their support for our community. They include community nonprofits, healthcare providers, supportive faith institutions, small businesses, large companies, and a variety of food vendors.

Vendor and Exhibitor Application

Yakima Pride Festival & Parade

June 8th, 2019


Location: Performance Park, 100 Pendleton Way., Yakima, WA 98901

Thank you for applying to be a part of the Yakima Pride Festival & Parade (YPFP). We are excited to celebrate another year of diversity, inclusion, and community. Our 2019 festival is projected to be our biggest and most attended event to date. As we serve our community, we want you to have a successful and positive Pride festival experience with us. Please read the entire application packet before submitting and take note of critical dates and instructions and requirements for the categories you are interested in participating in. This form serves: Festival Booths and Food Truck Vendors. Space is limited so don’t wait. See you June 8th!

(Festival times and park location subject to change. This information will be finalized by May 3, 2019)

Festival Booth, Vendor and Exhibitor Information

Eligibility, Rules & Regulations


  1. Yakima Pride Festival's mission is to provide unity and celebrate the diversity of sexual orientations and identities in Yakima. Please keep that in mind as you select sale items. Some items will need to be determine and approved if eligible. Space is limited and is allocated based on sponsorship, years of involvement, not-for-profit allies, and for-profit organizations/businesses. Yakima Pride reserves the right to limit the number of applicants for any one type of item or participant and reserves the right to change or substitute spaces. APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE INTO THE EVENT
  2. Vendors who are not accepted due to space constraint will receive a refund. (including the application fee)
  3. Any cancelations After May 20th, 2019 may qualify for a partial refund if the space allotted to them can be filled. Any cancelations after May 24th, 2019 will receive no refund.
  4. Booths and contents must be pleasing to the eye, professional, and well maintained.
  5. Fun, interactive over-the-top booths are welcomed and encouraged.
  6. No tobacco or related products, paraphernalia, weapons, or knife booths will be accepted.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Booths are required to be open and staffed during all operating hours on the day of the festival. Yakima Pride is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  2. If you fail to show up on either day, you will be charged a fine of $100 and may not be able to participate in future festival's.
  3. Booth space is limited to one 10x10 space. Your booth content must stay within said area. Any additional space needed/used needs to be approved prior to May 20th, 2019. There may be an additional charge for more space. You must have your additional space approval on hand during the days of the event.
  4. Vendors must show up at their designated time to setup and stay the entire time of the festival hours on Saturday, June 8th, 2019.
  5. Tents and canopies must be secured. In accordance with Yakima Parks & Recreation rules, tent stakes are not allowed for any tents under 20x20. ABOVE GROUND WEIGHTS (water weights, sandbags, etc.) appropriate for tent size are required. Failure to comply with this park regulation may result in exclusion from the festival. Please remember, the outside temperature could be hot, windy or rainy so please plan accordingly.
  6. To create a positive and engaging atmosphere, booth spots must be occupied at all times Saturday during the festival.
  7. Yakima Pride will not be supplying chairs and tables.
  8. All merchandise and individuals manning the tents must be kept within the confines of booth space. For safety and crowd control purposes we request that any individuals associated with your booth avoid straying outside the booth into pedestrian paths. Additionally, while we welcome members from your team to roam the festival and enjoy the entertainment, you are not permitted to solicit on festival grounds outside your allocated booth space.
  9. You are responsible for your booth space. Setup and tear down are your responsibility. If items are left in your designated area, you will be charged a $100 tear down fee. If you pack it in, pack it out. Help keep Pride clean and free for all.
  10. Food trucks and Vendor’s are required to dispose of any garbage or recycling in the designated large bins OUTSIDE of the festival park. Trash and Recycle receptacles in the park are for participants only.
  11. Vehicles are not allowed on the sidewalk areas. There will be a designated loading and unloading zone.
  12. No prepared food in the booth area may be served.
  13. No glass containers are allowed.
  14. There will be no generators or electricity unless approved by Yakima Pride.
  15. No alcoholic beverages may be handed out or sold unless approved by Yakima Pride.
  16. No open flames.

By signing and submitting your application you are agreeing to adhere to all rules & regulations identified by Yakima Pride Festival.

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