2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

2023 Festival & Parade Sponsorship Opportunities

Join Yakima Pride in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community at the upcoming Annual Yakima Pride Festival & Parade. Help us create a welcoming and inclusive community by supporting our mission for unity, equality, and diversity. Sponsor the event to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusivity and create a positive impact on the community. Register now for the 2023 Yakima Pride Festival & Parade and be part of the most colorful and vibrant celebration of love and acceptance in the Yakima Valley and Central Washington.

Yakima Pride is run solely by committed volunteers from around the Yakima Valley. Our funding comes through donations and sponsorship. Yakima Pride is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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Levels & Availability

Choose from six package options.


The rainbow flag represents the LGBTQ+ community and was created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Initially, it had eight colors, but it was later simplified to six colors, each with its significance. (see below) There are many variations of the pride flag, representing different aspects of diversity within the community. The rainbow flag symbolizes acceptance, community, diversity, and above all, love.









Family Kids Zone Sponsor Branding!

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Pride Parade Sponsor Branding!

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Pride Stage Sponsor Branding!

 Availability is limited to 1 Sponsor!